Does My Job Affect My Credit Score?

Since your credit score affects so much of your life you would think that your job has an effect on your credit score right? Let us take a look at how your employment affects your credit score.

Does my job affect my credit score?

The short answer is no. Where you work does not have an impact on your scores. What can actually happen is your credit score can influence where you can and cannot work. Or whether you can advance at your current employer or not.

Employers regularly check consumer credit scores now to see how responsible their employees are. If they see your score dropping over time, they may not consider putting you into a position with more responsibility as you have not been able to demonstrate that you are responsible with your own finances.

Potential employers also use credit scores to screen out job candidates they would not wish to hire.

This is unfortunate because there may be extraordinary circumstances around why your credit score is so poor even when you are fully qualified for the position you are seeking.

If you are aware you have a really poor credit score you could possibly address this in your cover letter and explain the situation.

So to answer the question about your job affecting your credit score the answer is no. Potential employers cannot access your salary information either from your credit file as this information is not contained in your report. You cannot also be denied for a loan just based on where you work either. You can be denied based on how much money you make though.